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Elgato EyeTv Mobile Review


Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have killed a lot of dedicated electronic devices — consider how many stand-alone video cameras are now sold as an example. But to watch TV wherever you are is an area where a portable hand-held TV can still sound like an acceptable purchase. At...

Elgato Eye TV

Win an Elgato EyeTV HD from GadgetReview


GadgetReview is giving away an Elgato EyeTV HD, a full-featured DVR for your Mac, to ONE lucky winner! The EyeTV HD connects your Mac to your cable or satellite receiver and lets you record, watch and edit your shows and movies.  It includes an infrared remote and a blaster to change...


Elgato EyeTV HD DVR Brings Live HD Content To Macs


Elgato’s EyeTV HD DVR seems like the perfect device for those wanting to watch, capture, and stream HD content on their Apple devices. It connects to your Mac via USB and receives either HD or SD content from your cable or satellite provider via component, s-video, or composite inputs. You...