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The Isle Of Man TT, Like You’ve Never Seen It (video)


Modern video technology has allowed us to record some spectacular things, and really put us in the shoes of somebody, say, doing something incredibly dangerous, whether it’s extreme sports or “just” climbing a cell phone tower. But that’s put to rather dramatic demonstration in this video. Some Background The Isle...


Squirrel Wingsuits Are Just Awesome


At this point, we’re all familiar with squirrel wingsuits from video games. They were a great way to get around the massive world of Far Cry 3 and they were in one of the Call of Duty games. We can’t remember which; those things tend to blend together. The point...


Scarpar: Snowmobile + Skateboard (video)

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Merging skateboard and snowmobile, the Scarpar is what roller blade was to the 90s: a revolution.  The company is currently in the engineering stage (specs have yet to be determined) but are desperately seeking additional funding to stay a float.  I’m a bit skeptical as to how long the fun...