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CalDigit Brings USB 3.0 Adapters & Drives To Macs (video)


CalDigit is really serious about fast storage speeds. Despite Apple’s reluctance to incorporate USB 3.0 into their hardware,┬áCalDigit has forged ahead and developed both PCIe and ExpressCard USB 3.0 adapters, for Mac Pros and MacBooks, along with drivers, to give Mac users some sweet 5Gbp/s speeds. In addition, the CalDigital...


Iomega’s USB 3.0 Drives Are Fast & Inexpensive


Consumer adoption of USB 3.0 is forging on full speed ahead, and Iomega’s joined the cause with their new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hard drives. Best of all, the company vows to keep its prices the same as its USB 2.0 line. The high speed goodness starts with the eGo series,...

samsung s2

Samsung S2 Portable Drive Has Super Fast USB 3.0 Speeds


Portable hard drives are incredibly useful, but they’ve always had to take a slight speed hit for the sake having no power cord — until now. Samsung’s new S2 Portable 3.0 has both USB 3.0 and a 7200rpm drive speed, making it the fastest portable drive you can get, giving...

WD mypassport drive

Western Digital Debuts MyPassport Limited Edition Designs


Western Digital is spicing up their MyPassport 500GB external hard drive line with five colorful limited edition designs. They come in black and white variants — I’m partial to the boombox design myself. Besides the updated visuals, they’re the same USB 2.0 drives that don’t require power cables — show...


Is Hitachi’s LifeStudio The Future Of Storage?


Hitachi’s new LifeStudio line of external hard drives is pretty darn unique — they’re the first company to really hype up external storage as something other than hard drives in an external closure. Coming in mobile and desktop versions (the mobile has 250, 320, and 500GB capacities, and the desktop...


Seagate Debuts First 3TB External Desktop Drive


Well, a barrier has been broken today. Seagate has unveiled the first 3TB External Desktop Drive, part of their GoFlex Desk line. Its the first 3.5-inch drive to hold that much storage capacity. There will be versions with USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and FireWire adapters, but only the USB 2.0...


Iomega’s eGo USB 3.0 HDDs Are Stylish


Iomega’s put a ton of new product out today under their eGo brand, including two rather cool looking USB 3.0 external hard drives. The eGo portable USB 3.0 edition is available in 500GB, with a slick black matte finish. The eGo Desktop is a little less portable, but comes in...


Samsung’s G2 Series External HDDs Are Stylish


Here’s something you don’t see every day — external hard drives usually stick to the ever-original “black” or “white” for their color schemes, maybe with a couple other colors thrown in if you’re lucky. Samsung’s G Series does something a little different, bringing a raised touch design in a variety...