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Exoskeleton Suits Are Going Commercial (video)


If you think that amazing exoskeleton powersuits are just for the army and some cool movies, get ready to think again. The folks over at Ekso Bionics (get it?) are making exoskeletons for entirely different, commercial purposes. Ekso started out working for military contracts, but eventually realized that there was...

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The Titan Arm is an Affordable Robocop Suit (video)


Need strength?  Then you don’t have to look any further than the Titan Arm.  Created by three UPenn Students, the Titan Arm just won $45,000 and was awarded the prestigious James Dyson award. The battery powered arm fits to the users arm/body using a variety of straps, and can increase...


Cyberdyne Japan Releases Statement On Future of Robotics

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It might shock you to know there’s a Cyberdyne corporation in Japan. But what only might shock you is to discover that they’re into robotics…but the helpful kind.  For instance, they’re working on a robotic suit that functions almost like an exoskeleton, augmenting weak limbs with outside mechanical help.  The...