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Launch Edition Xbox One-8

See the All White Xbox One, a Launch Edition (pics)


The standard Xbox One comes clad in black.  Black every where, save for a few buttons.  However, if you were part of the launch team, or some how closely associated with it, you would have been gifted one of these: a Launch Edition Xbox One.  It’s is and was Microsofts...

Caddy ELR

Exclusive: Cadillac ELR Walk Around (video)


Last week we spent sometime with Cadillac’s yet to be released ELR.  If you haven’t heard, it’s a fast, better version of Chevy’s Volt.  They have yet to release specs and pricing info, but you can expect it to cost at least $10,000 more than Chevy’s Volt....

Epic Power

InFamous 2 Review


[Rating: 4.5] The tale of Infamous was an interesting one. Cole McGrath wakes up with electrical powers, has to make some pretty harsh choices, and ultimately saves a city by killing his future self, which somehow managed to time travel only to wreak havoc on his own past. Yep. Now...


Assassin’s Creed BrotherHood GameStop Pre-Order Bonus


So is it safe to assume now that Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is in fact, definitely not Assassin’s Creed 3? With news of the Brotherhood iteration arising as of late, I was certainly disappointed in the return to Rome, but that’s only if this is some Ass Creed 2.5 type of...


PS3 Red Dead Redemption Exclusive Content


Throwing PS3 owners a bone, Red Dead Redemption will include two exclusive pieces of content.  The game will pack the Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout, and the Walton Gang Outfit.  Sweet Home Redemption. I’m not sure if the Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout is an actual location on the map or what,...


2nd Free Batman AA DLC Challenge Map Due Tomorrow

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For the PS3 only!  Exclusive DLC is just fanning the fanboy flame now isn’t it?  Apparently this 2nd challenge map entitled “Prey in the Darkness” is only coming to the PS3 for tomorrow September 24th.  Sources report that it is available now in the UK. Free DLC is totally the...


The Ink Has Dried: Netflix Exclusive To Xbox 360


Did we know this was coming?  Not that you can’t view Netflix on myriad of other devices and HDTV’s, but now they have provided Microsoft with exclusive console rights to their streaming service on the Xbox 360.  And how fitting that this news should arrive on the same day that...


Huge 9 Minute BioShock 2 Walkthrough! (video)


Bioshock 2 will be one of the biggest games this holiday season.  The first Bioshock was a totally amazing play that was so well rounded it caught many by surprise.  Here’s a new 9 minute video walkthrough by one of the games designers.  Enjoy! [GR]8wNRjNuq7yU[/GR] Read...