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Zombie Apocalypse Bed Sheets

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Do you lay awake at night worrying about the impending zombie apocalypse?  Then the question “when will it happen?” probably races through your head on a nightly basis.  The only way to reduce that fear of those flesh eating, undead walkers is to expose yourself to the ludicrous fear. This...

Vice Holster

Vice Gun Holster Holds an iPhone and Flask


Head to any airport with the Vice Holster strapped on and you’ll surely land yourself a free overnight stay in a concrete hotel room courtesy of the boys in blue.  Head to your local hipster bar, though, and you’ll probably find yourself the center of attention long enough to score...

LEGO Cufflinks

LEGO Star Wars Shadow Trooper In Black Tuxedo Silver Cufflinks

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It’s not often you wear cufflinks, but when you do you want to make a statement, right?  And we can’t imagine a better suitor then these LEGO Star Wars Shadow Trooper In Black Tuxedo Silver Cufflinks from Etsy seller GenXBoutique. Unfortunately,we don’t know how they’re made, but we gotta assume that the...

NES Controller Coffee Table-2

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table (pics)


Any true gamer still has the original Nintendo in their possession.  That is assuming they were born early enough to acquire one.  The system is without a doubt one of the most iconic and pivotable when it comes to gaming today.  Sure, there were gaming consoles before its time, but...

Star Wars Yoga

Star Wars Yoga (pics)

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Star Wars nerds are known for being anything but healthy.  Sorry, but if you’re that into sci-fi you’re probably not hitting the gym daily or consuming a balanced diet of protein, vegetables and fiber.  If you’ve got a someone special in your life, and you’re concerned with their well being,...

Wounded Leg Garters

Open Wound Garter Belts

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It’s never to early to prepare for Halloween, right? Check out these Openwound Gartered Prosthetics from Etsy seller OpenWoundFX (we should have guessed).  Unfortunately, wearing these aren’t as simple as slipping on a pair of nylons – wouldn’t that be nice.  Instead, you’ll have to adhere a fake skin prosthetic to...

Wallet Slim Wood

Wood Wallet


Think wallet and you’ll probably conjure up an image of something leather.  Sure, it’s a practical material for such an accessories as it’s very durable and ages well (it looks better as time goes on). But, leather is oh-so boring – at least  in our opinion – since it is...

Batman Fan

Batman Fan


There is no shortage of Batman gear. Case in point, there is the Batman laptop sleeve, Batman Dark Knight Motorcycle suit, Batman video games, the Batman Keychain, a variety of replica Batmobiles, the Batman money clip, Batman hoodie and of course a variety of Batman toys.  Adding to the mix...

Vintage Camera Night Lights Jason Hull

Vintage Camera Night Lights


Christmas has come and gone.  Which means we’ll have to wait another 12 months until we receive one of these Vintage Camera Nightlights under our tree. They’re made by Jason Hull, who spends his weekends digging through flea markets looking for broken film cameras from the 50s and 60s.  He then...

Neverending ereader Cover

Neverending Story eReader Cover


Gone are the days of our youth, but that doesn’t mean we can’t and shouldn’t live in nostalgia.  And if you’re a kid from the 80s, then you’re all too familiar with the movie “The Neverending Story.”  It’s about a boy who is down on his luck, bullied at school...