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Rok Espresso Machine

Non-Electric ROK Espresso Is Environmentally Friendly

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An espresso maker that makes delicious java and is good for the earth…sign us up! The non-electric, manual ROK espresso maker is ideal for those looking to conserve power. Made from polished, high-quality aluminum, this espresso maker will look great in any kitchen with its sleek and minimal design. But...

Krups X5280-001

Krups XP5280 Espresso Machine Review


Starbucks, as with most coffee shops will suck your wallet dry.  They’re akin to that of a drug dealer.  Once they’ve got you hooked you’ll keep going back for more even though you know better.  By most accounts this is a horrible analogy and not one that I’d generally endorse,...

Espresso Veloce Machine

Espresso Veloce Machine Combines A Love For Coffee And Cars


Automotive enthusiasts who equally adore their java will want to add the Espresso Veloce Machine to their kitchens since it’s supposed to be a tribute to the 1990’s Grand Prix race car engines which powered racing legends like Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. Made up of alloys like magnesium, titanium, and...