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Run-N-Read Exercises Your Mind and Body (video)


Running and reading just don’t mix. Have you ever tried it? Running on a treadmill at the gym (and we mean running, not jogging) and trying to ready your new favorite book or a magazine only to find that you can’t concentrate fully on either. Well the new Run-N-Read device...

Nook Color 16GB Tablet $90

Nook Color 16GB Tablet $90


This time last year the 16GB Nook Color Tablet went for 250 smackers. Today a refurbished unit goes for only $90 from Barnes & Noble via eBay. The cheapest you’ll find this anywhere else is $130. Keep in mind this isn’t just an eReader – you can stream Netflix and...

Gadget Review Daily Deals: Gaming-capable HP laptop $722, B&N Nook for $90, T-Mobile $50 monthly unlimited SIM card for $23

Gadget Review Daily Deals: Gaming-capable HP laptop $722, T-Mobile $50 monthly unlimited SIM card for $23


To start things off right, we found a bargain gaming laptop at HP. The old Windows 7 version of the HP dv6t-7000 (the newest model being dv6t-7200) is still available and fully customizable to high end specifications. While the base configuration is nothing to write home about performance-wise, this upgraded...

Kindle Fire HD vs Nook HD

Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs Barnes & Noble Nook HD


Two HD tablet/e-reader devices, from two companies that started out in hardware for the sole purpose of selling e-books, and just a few short years later they’re here contending for the best 7″ tablet. So far, that space isn’t such a big deal to fill. The Nexus 7 has won...

Neverending ereader Cover

Neverending Story eReader Cover


Gone are the days of our youth, but that doesn’t mean we can’t and shouldn’t live in nostalgia.  And if you’re a kid from the 80s, then you’re all too familiar with the movie “The Neverending Story.”  It’s about a boy who is down on his luck, bullied at school...


Entourage Systems eDGe Is Two Gadgets In One


Today I’m going to introduce you to a truly awesome gadget that you can’t possibly get your hands on before Christmas unless you know somebody or can shell out epic bribes. We’re talking about the eDGe, and this little beauty is worth the $490 you’d shell out for it for...


Plastic Logic’s Que, the “Kindle Killer”, To Hit CES This January


So the early word is that, finally, we may have a Kindle killer on our hands, and it’s from a little known outfit called Plastic Logic. The Que, as it’s called, will see the light of day for the first time ever at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas...

Kindle DX

Students Hate The Kindle eReader


That’s a strange thought to wake up to, isn’t it?  Well, it turns out they’ve got reason.  Read on: Words like “clunky”, “slow”, and “a real pain” have come up, as students trying out the Kindle DX in classes are discovering that the ereader may not be the replacement for...


Sony Turns Heads With Two New eReaders: The Reader Pocket Edition & Reader Touch Edition


It’s not every day that you hear that Sony is in the business of making any of their gear affordable, but today, the company officially introduced two new e-readers that are priced very competitively. First up we’ve got the Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-300), and like its name implies it’s built...


BeBook To Unveil Updated E-Reader Next Week, To Include Touchscreen


I hate to admit it, but I’ve never heard of the BeBook e-reader.  Nonetheless, they’re releasing an updated version of their reader next week, which will include a variety of improvements over its first iteration.  So what can we expect this go around?  Wifi, perhaps increased memory and something the...