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HP’s ZR30w LCD Monitor Is Environmentally Sound


At first glance, HP’s new ZR30w 30-inch LCD screen looks nice, but not incredibly impressive, like a million other LCD monitors before it. But there are some specs going on here that are pretty impressive if you’re environmentally conscious. It’s got a low power consumption, and its aluminum-clad chassis is...


Samsung Seek Is Inexpensive And Eco-Friendly


Samsung today announced a new phone, the Seek, that appears to impressive for a couple reasons: its price, and its environmental awareness. Specs for the phone include a touchscreen display, QWERTY slide-out keyboard, 1.3MP camera, microSD card support, and shortcuts to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It comes...


Tactical 5.11 Eco-Flashlight Doesn’t Need Batteries

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For those of you survivalists out there compiling your “apocalypse gear” collection, this may be the flashlight you have been dreaming about.  Harnessing an appropriately titled Flashpoint Power Technology, the flashlight uses environmentally friendly ultracapacitors to help manage the the flow of energy in terms of performance and run time. ...