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Google Lets Us Unsend Emails with New Settings Feature


Google is finally bringing the “unsend emails” option out of beta and into Gmail accounts everywhere. It was a no-brainer that Gmail users still had to wait a long time for: Who hasn’t accidently sent an email to a boss, friend, or spouse and realized immediately afterward that it contained...

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Dart: Autofill and Customize Emails on the iWatch


If you struggle replying to emails appropriately, then maybe you need a solution like Dart. If you planning on getting emails via a smartwatch or other tiny mobile device in the future, then maybe you really need Dart. This app allows you to construct a number of different pre-made emails...

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The Autographer Review


hat’s with these “wearable” cameras that are all the rage lately? Do they work and really know what they’re doing and how do you handle them? The Autographer does what a “wearable” camera should and does it well, even if it’s not as unobtrusive looking as some others. The Autographer...


Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Review


ow many computing devices do you regularly use in a day? Whatever your numerical answer may be, Samsung and many other companies are out to increase it by at least one more. Smartwatches are on the rise and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is first in the water…or in the wild. You...

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COOKOO Connected Watch for iPhone Review


watch tells time, but ever since the invention of the wristwatch designers have looked to innovate both its appearance and functionality. Once that meant glowing dials or digital LEDs or even built-in video games, but now it’s all about the smartphone and integration. Answering the call is the COOKOO Connected...


How To Set Up Gmail for your Website or Business (how to)

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Gmail’s interface allows it to play nicely with other email accounts, including those attached to your business or website. Google Mail revolutionized email delivery because it can replace your mail reading program even when you’re using a business or website email service instead of your Google address. Catch you later,...