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The WalkCar Is Transit In A Backpack

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If you live in a city, you probably don’t want to own a car. Storing a giant steel box of air on wheels that explodes repeatedly is more than a little expensive, especially as you live closer to cities that have high rent and painful parking. But as bad as...


Voxan Wattman Motorcycle Is Fast, Powerful… And Electric?


Electric vehicles, when they’re discussed, are generally discussed in terms of cars. But what about motorcycles? Unlike cars, motorcycles are lighter, faster and easier to make and sell. Which is why Voxan is currently talking up the virtues of their Wattman bike. Watts To Miles There’s no denying the Wattman...

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Volvo Has Just Created The Future Of The Electric Car

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Volvo has a reputation for building tanks that masquerade as cars. It generally takes emissions standards or a wrecking ball to get a Volvo off the road for good, they’re that reliable. And Volvo seems out to improve that reputation by changing the way electric cars work. The Problem With...


Jaguar Debuts Prototypes Of Its C-X75 Hybrid Supercar


You will never get to drive a C-X75. But you should be excited that it exists anyway, because you’ll be able to drive pieces of it. Let us explain. A concept car from 2010 demonstrating Jaguar’s idea of a hybrid, plans to actually build and sell the car were scrapped...


2013 Chevrolet Spark EV (pics/video)


Chevy’s Spark minicar is becoming an electric vehicle come 2013, which is GM’s first full EV since their EV1. The Spark EV joins Chey’s growing electric vehicles that includes the Volt extended-range EV and the 2013 Malibu Eco with eAssist technology. Chevy plans to start out the new EV model...


2013 Volkswagen E-Up!


Volkswagen showed off its new 2013 E-Up! at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s a city car that sports that will first be made in gasoline form, but will soon include an electric drivetrain by 2012. VW is calling it a “giant among small cars,” as it measures 39.4 inches...


BRABUS Creates 4WD Full Electric E-Class Prototype


Known for their aftermarket creations, BRABUS has decided to get into the electric car game and debuted a high-performance 4WD full electric prototype at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in September. While they didn’t create the car from the ground up, they did use a Mercedes-Benz E-Class as the base...