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The Gogoro Smartscooter: EV City Scooting with Swappable Batteries


Look! It’s a bike! It’s an EV! It’s an…e-scooter? Its name is actually the Gogoro Smartscooter, a big energy-friendly scooter project headed by former HTC execs and designed to reinvigorate personal urban transportation. No Uber or mass transit for the intrepid Smartscooter users – they want control over their own...

Boxx Green

Boxx Electric Moped


Ponying up $4,000 for anything is tough proposition, but for a suitcase sized moped called the Boxx, you must be mad.  Or are you? This two wheeled machine is fully rechargeable and can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge, unless of course you throw down for the...

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