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Elecom Windows 8 Keyboard-1

Elecom Windows 8 Gesture Compatible Keyboard


There isn’t anything quite like Razor’s Deathstalker keyboard.  Instead of a tradiional num pad sits a customizable touchscreen LCD capable of displaying whatever your heart desires.  However if the prospect of spending $250 is a bit too daunting to your wallet, you might want to consider this the Elecom TK-FDP055BK keyboard....

Elecom iPod Shuffle Headphones

iPod Shuffle Headphones


MP3 player headsets aren’t exactly ground breaking news, but when it involves an Apple product the blogging wheels get a turnin’ and in a hurry. Elecom’s Actrail headphones are your standard wrap around headphones, with the exception that they’ve got an iPod Shuffle compatible plug built right into the phone...

Elecom SD Card Reader

Elecom Rotatable SD Card Reader


Necessity is the mother of all invention, right?  Elecom’s latest SD card reader, the MR-C25 is a simple as pie design.  It plugs into your USB port and can rotate 180 degrees counter clockwise enabling you to access your laptop’s other ports, provided of course they’re covered by the device....