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Boil The Perfect Hardboiled Egg With the Egg Timer

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Seriously, boiling an egg is pretty basic, but there are some perfectionists out there who want nothing but the best from even the most basic culinary skill. This is where the Egg Perfect Egg Timer comes into play. It’s the best way to ensure that your egg is cooked the...


Pluck Egg Separator Cracks the Problem (videos)


I love me some eggs in the morning.  I also love me some runny yolk, so I’m a bit hard pressed to give this product a full endorsement, but I gotta applaud the design and simplicity.  What is it? It’s called the Pluck and helps you easily separate the yolk...


Star Wars Easter Eggs (pics)


Easter has once again come and gone.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some Easter associated treats.  In fact, if you head to your local grocer you’ll probably be able to grab any of that Easter candy at half price.  Our personal favorite are the Cadbury Mini Eggs....

EZ Cracker Egg Cracker

EZ Cracker Egg Separator Looks Far From Easy (video)


OMG!  My skepticism meter is off the charts after seeing the EZ Cracker!  The handy kitchen device claims to crack eggs with no mess, no fuss or any shell pieces in your bowl.  But seriously, who let this monster in front of a camera?   Here facial expressions are something...