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BMW 5a - 1

2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Review


Doing good is never a far off feat.  Doing well at something, however is.  Fortunately, BMW’s 2013 5A ActiveHybrid excels in both these respects, though like any do-gooder it’s not completely devoid of wrong.  But as they say, you just have to accept the good with the bad. Interior The BMW...

My Eco Soda Can

My ECO Soda Can, Reusable and Microwaveable


Soda can? Wrongzo.  The My ECO can is a reusable, refillable, resealable container.  Only instead of aluminum they’re crafted of a biodegradable material called PLA (PolyLactic Acid/Corn Starch).  The lids can snap open and closed, and because of their size, 9.5oz, they’re a perfect fit for any car cup holder....


Lexon Safe Bamboo And Bio-plastic Gear

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Lexon’s line of aesthetically pleasing bamboo and bio-plastic gadgets is easy on the environment and cool on the eyes.  These solar powered and renewable energy mini-appliances will look positively earth awesome in your place.  No word on pricing or availability.  The LED solar flashlight is pictured above....


Babyliss Eco Hair Dryer


Man, the gadget news is straight boring this week.  Not seeing much today I’ve decided to post on what I passed on yesterday.  The Babyliss Eco Hair Dryer consumes half the energy of your everyday hair dryer helping you do your part when it comes to energy conservation. It has...

Eolic Aero Wind Generator

Eolic Aero: A Portable, Foldable Wind Generator


No power, no problem.  The Eolic Aero, a portable wind powered generator, is currently a concept only, but I’d gladly erect one of these on my roof for the opportunity to run off the grid for what is hopefully the better part of the day – no word on potential...


Wind Up Unverisal Remote Control


It may not have the same technological prowess as NEC’s batteryless remote, but it accomplishes the same feat and probably at a fraction of the cost. The Wind Up Universal Remote Control can take up to 30 spins of its ‘Jog Shuttle’ power wheel, which will power it up to...