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Maximo iM-590 Earphones Review

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Earphones.  Now that the MP3 fully dominates we are seeing more and more products associated with them.  As a result earphones are being manufactured by a countless number of companies in an attempt to capture even a fraction of the MP3 accessory market.  Although I’ve never heard of Maximo, they...


JVC HA-NCX78 Multi Noise Canceling EarBuds Review

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The last pair of JVC earbuds I reviewed I didn’t like so much.  These are much better, and cheaper!  The JVC HA-NCX78 Multi Noise Canceling EarBuds claim to reduce up to 88% of ambient noise interference.  How you could accurately gauge that is beyond me but I can tell you...


Antares’ KPMP316 Sports MP3 Player Are Earbuds


Small, tiny and light weight are all necessary components for a successful MP3 player. Antares’ KPMP316 Sports MP3 player embodies all of these qualities and is available in 3 sizes (1GB, 2GB and 4GB) and two colors (blue or yellow). The right ear bud contains the player’s controls and a...


Gadget Review: i2! AudioWear Lanyard Style Earbuds


Nowadays, earbuds are everywhere, and it's not only about sound anymore. Features are a huge selling point, and the i2! AudioWear Lanyard Style EarBuds attempt to carve out their niche in the market by integrating a lanyard system. I'm glad that companies are finally starting catch on to...


Sennheiser Wireless Unconnected Ear Buds


hese new truly wireless and bandless earbuds from Sennheiser are presently only available for the Japanese market. There are no loops of plastic connecting buds between the ears, no matter how hard you may search for them, but the real question is: Should they be viewed seriously or no? ...