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New Ear Buddies Ear Buds Look Like Actual Ears


Add some style and humor to your smartphone or mp3 player listening experience with Ear Buddies, new ear buds that look like tiny, real human ears! From the NeatoShop, the 3/4″ x 1″ ear buddies are compatible with the iPhone (or any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack). The adorable ear...


Logitech UE 900 Noise-Isolating Earphones Review

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Today we have an aural treat, if you will, as we delve deeper still into our discerning foray of Logitech’s new UE line of premium audio products (that’s “Ultimate Ear” for those not in the know). Under the GR microscope is the Logitech UE 900 Noise-Isolating Earphones. These are earbud-style...

Image X7i

Klipsch Image X7i In-Ear Headphones


Klipsch drops some new in-ear headphones this month with their Image X7i that features their patented oval ear tips and provides premium sound, as well as lots of style when in use. Their ceramic design is sleek while being built to last for durable wear. They use a proprietary balanced...

Atrio M5 Headphones

Future Sonic Atrio M5 Special Edition Headphone Review


[rating: 3.5/5] Pros: Crisp and clear sound Massively deep lows especially for ear buds Includes a carrying case and variety of ear buds sizes and styles for all Cons: Expensive Boring brown finish that looks cheap Headphones are by far and away, much like speakers, a subjective experience. A number...

Sculpter Eers

Sculpted Eers DIY Custom Ear Buds


Sculpted Eers, as the name implies, makes earbuds built to a custom fit.  But unlike other ear buds of a simliar ilk, these take just 4 minutes to mold to your ear canal and from what we can tell you can perform the customization yourself. As of now, they haven’t...


Zipbuds Ear Bud Headphone Review


[rating:3.5/5] Pros: Zipper prevents cord from tangling Reasonably priced Solid sound quality with decent dynamic range Cons: Heavy weight causes the headphones to be pulled from ears Slightly larger form factor than normal ear buds Included ear hooks are ineffective for exercise Zipbuds aren’t exactly a new idea, but when...

DIY Zip Up Ear Buds

DIY Zip Up Ear Buds


Remember those zip up ear buds we saw at CES?  Well, if you can’t wait for those to hit retail shelves here is a do it yourself version.  Just simply purchase a stand alone zipper, then sew the wires into the fabric.  Simple.  You could sew the completed project into...


Who Stuck A Mini Wiener Dog Through My Head?


Intended more for a ‘gas’, as in a laugh, the Wiener Dog Ear Buds remind me of the arrow throw the head gag from back in the dizzay. Yup, they’re sure to make you look like a dog loving douche and you can grab them for $12.95. Unfortunately, they only...