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First Look: Dead Space iPhone (Video)


[GR]MU_Wfl1WrmA[/GR] Dead Space 2 isn’t the only game that released today (read our review here). Dead Space on the iPhone and iPod Touch also released, and we’ve been playing it all day (since yesterday, in fact…thanks European iTunes!). Here’s a quick video on gameplay and how basic moves work, plus...

Dead Space iOS

Dead Space Now Available For All iOS Devices


We just got finished publishing our review of Dead Space 2 for the console when we discovered that EA Mobile announced a version of the game for all iOS devices. EA says that this version of the game “features a distinctive storyline” that can only be played on an iOS...

Risk iPad-1

Risk HD For The iPad Review


[rating:3/5] Pros: Easy to pick up and play Local WiFi multiplayer mode Reward system Cons: Redundant game play Not as epic as the board game Online play limited to WiFi What’s life without a little risk. If you don’t take risks, chances are you won’t get any where. The same applies...

Loading Screen

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Review


[Rating: 3/5] Pros: The original Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, in all it’s glory 5-button control scheme is brilliantly done, but… Cons: …controls are still ridiculous for a fighting game on a touchscreen Load screens come up too often and take too long Rewards occur randomly Fighting games and touchpads don’t...


Battlefield Bad Company 2 iPhone 4 Review

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[rating:4/5] Pros: Mega-Cheap Quality gameplay and visuals Fun! Cons: Doesn’t bring destruction 2.0 or multiplayer classes Multiplayer connectivity Iffy replay value I still can’t believe I can play an online First Person Shooter on my iPhone 4.  My how mobile gaming has changed.  EA’s response to Gameloft’s Modern Combat series...

Bulletstorm Holiday

Bulletstorm Holiday Nutcracker


With the holidays coming around, game companies just love to shell out their holiday spirits. Some, like EA with Epic Games’ Bulletstorm, take a more literal approach. When they sent an email around yesterday (above picture), I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s been busy. I forgot about it....

Dodge Challenger Cop Car - Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit iPhone Review

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[rating:3.5] Pros: Beautiful graphics Effective control scheme Fun Cons: Missing vital component (Racer Mode) Redundant Taking full advantage of the iPhone 4’s spectacular retina display, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is one slick looking game.  From the car models to environments and menus, everything about this game screams polish.  While...


Mirror’s Edge Runs Onto The iPhone


Mirror’s Edge, which originally appeared on console systems a few years ago, just hit the iPhone.   When the game first arrived it was hotly anticipated since it was an FPS, but focused on free running more than shooting.  The concept was great but in the end the execution, or should...


EA Has A Massive App Store Game Sale Going On


Slow news day — we’re hocking deals on the main page now. Oh well, we know you like them. EA is running a huge promotion on their App Store games, all for $0.99 for 48 hours only. These, if you’re unaware, are compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad....