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Microsoft Adjusts Xbox One Policies

Microsoft Adjusts Xbox One Policies Amidst Consumer Backlash


Yeah, you read that right. Microsoft has officially announced, via their press blog, that two of the Xbox One’s most infamous content policies are about to be reversed. In what is quickly becoming an industry-wide shocker, it now appears that the forthcoming console will no longer restrict used game sales,...


2013 Alienware 14, 17, and 18 Refresh from E3 Now On Sale


Ever since their previous release back in 2009, the premium (and very expensive) Alienware gaming laptop line hasn’t had much of a shake-up, short of the removal of a few other laptops of various sizes, such as 11-inch Alienware M11x. For 2013’s E3, Dell has introduced three new powerhouse Alienware...

E3 2013 BF4 Destiny_3

E3 2013: Bungie Reveals Gameplay for Destiny (video)


Talk about a changing of the guard. As the heart of Infinity Ward has moved from Activision to form Respawn Entertainment under the Electronic Arts banner, we see the Halo original creator Bungie has left Microsoft to join Activision. This video shows their first game in a post Halo development...

E3 2013 BF4 Titanfall_2

E3 2013: Gameplay Reveal for Titanfall from Respawn Entertainment


This next one out of E3 is an Xbox One exclusive from Respawn Entertainment. After breaking from Activision the two heads of Infinity Ward (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) formed RE and jumped in bed with EA. This is the first gameplay reveal detailing just what’s been up with the...

E3 2013 BF4 commander

E3 2013: Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Hightlights the Return of Commander Mode (video)


By this time, we’ve all seen the big Battlefield 4 reveal. If not then direct your optical sensors here. We’ll wait. All done? Good. The new Frontbite engine looks fantastic as does some of the single player gameplay we’ve seen. But like the CoD franchise, what the masses want to...

E3 2013 The Division_2

E3 2013: Ubisoft Unveils Tom Clancy’s The Division Online Open World RPG (video)


At this year’s E3 we’re seeing a massive push toward more open-world gameplay. In fact, this little gem for Ubisoft looks quite impressive. It’s called The Division. I have to say I was not expecting Ubisoft, of all companies, to come so strong this year. We all expected to see...