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The Elonex 710EB E-Reader Has A Full Color Display


The Elonex 710EB e-reader isn’t exactly well known, but its interesting combination of specs could put it in a nice position of affordability. This is a seven-inch e-reader that doesn’t have an e-ink display, but promises a TFT color touchscreen, ARM processor, WiFi, an iPad-esque eight hour battery life, and...


Graphite Kindle DX Now Available


Just a friendly reminder today that the newly updated Graphite Kindle DX which we told you about last week is now shipping. For $379, you’ll get a 9.7-inch e-ink screen with 50 percent improved contrast, WiFi + 3G support, web browsing, PDF support, and access to the Kindle’s library of...

Borders e-Book Store

Borders Launches Kobo-Powered eBook Store


Borders has jumped full sail into the eBook wars today with the launch of their website’s eBook store, powered by the Kobo e-reader. The store is live now with 1.5 million titles available for purchase in both ePub & PDF, with thousands of those titles being free public domain titles....


Amazon Unveils New Graphite Kindle DX With Updated Screen


Just a few days after cutting the regular Kindle’s price, Amazon has unveiled an updated version of their Kindle DX with a lower price and an e-ink ¬†screen boasting fifty percent better contrast. Sporting a graphite finish, this Kindle DX is pretty similar to its previous model, with a 9.7-inch...


Amazon Updates Kindle App With Audio & Video


Last week, Amazon lowered the Kindle’s price to match the Nook, effectively setting off some heated competition between e-reader manufacturers. Which makes it interesting that today, Amazon is launching an updated Kindle app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that gives those devices multimedia functionality that the Kindle itself doesn’t...


Border’s Kobo E-Reader Gets A Price Cut Too…Sort Of


Earlier this week we had both the Kindle and Nook lower their prices in what looks to be the beginning of some intense e-reader wars. How do we know? Well, Barnes and Noble’s Kobo, which retails for $149, now comes with a $20 gift card for use in Borders e-book...


Price Wars: Amazon Lowers Kindle Price


In what appears to be a quick decision in response to the Nook price cut earlier today, Amazon has lowered the price of the Kindle seventy dollars, from $269 to $189. As you might be aware, that’s ten dollars less than the 3G Nook. That’s a drastic move, one that...


B&N Unveils WiFi-Only Nook, 3G Price Drop


After rumors and speculation, Barnes & Noble officially confirmed today the release of a WiFi only version of their Nook e-reader. The Nook WiFi comes in at $149, a low price point for the e-reader market, and has all the same specs besides the 3G removal, including the dual displays...


Moleskine Launches Official Kindle Case


There’s the waterproof Kindle case, but if you’re looking for something a little more stylish, Moleskine has officially unveiled its new Kindle offering. The company made the case after seeing just how many enterprising modders had come up with cases of their own from Moleskine products. It features the signature...

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M-Edge Debuts The Guardian, The First Waterproof Kindle Case


The Kindle has been around for a couple years now, so it was surprising to hear that its first waterproof case is finally hitting stores. The Guardian Case, by M-Edge, brings waterproofing of up to one meter underwater to Amazon’s e-reader, and fits both first and second gen Kindles (sorry,...


Rumor: Amazon’s Next Kindle To Feature WiFi, Somehow Be Even Slimmer


Here’s some interesting information on what is probably the next iteration of Amazon’s Kindle. A recent article put some specifics to the rumors: While the device won’t be getting a color screen (or touchscreen for that matter), it will have a sharper resolution and a slimmer profile (I’m curious...