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iRiver Story Eyes A Piece of Amazon’s Kindle Market


Seems the competition for a piece of Amazon’s coveted Kindle market has already started to boil up out of the woodwork.  iRiver’s Story is one of the first off the block. Formerly a major player in the Flash-based MP3 market, iRiver’s been having a lot of troubles in its home...


Everyone Wants A Piece of Amazon’s Kindle Market


Guess who wants a piece of Amazon’s Kindle market?  As it turns out, a whole a lot of people. The list is pretty wide and growing by the day, and includes names like News Corp (otherwise known as Fox), Hearst Publishing, and now, Time Magazine wants to change the way...


Sony Announces Reader Daily Edition

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Sony added to their e-reader line up today with the announcement of the Reader Daily Edition.  Following on the heels of the Reader Pocket and Touch Edition, which were announced earlier this month, the Reader Daily Edition uses a larger 7-inch touchscreen and provides access to Sony’s eBook store anywhere...


Samsung Unveils SNE-50K, A 5-inch E-Reader


Although we’ve known for a few months now that Samsung had plans to enter the e-reader game, we didn’t know when the device would emerge.  Today the company made the device official and what was known as the Papyrus has now become the SNE-50K, at least as far as I...


Samsung Papyrus Is An E-Book With A Touchscreen


Samsung, whose no stranger to displays, is getting into the book business, but not the paper type.  Yup, the e-book reader line up just got a bit longer, which might mean affordability and seeing as the Samsung’s Papyrus e-book is a rumored to be sub $300 I don’t see why...


BeBook E-Reader 2 Revealed, The First Touchscreen E-Reader


I’m a little disappointed, since I was expecting an official announcement from Endless Ideas, but the ever present and dominating Engadget got a quick hands on with the latest BeBook.  Price and actual release date weren’t confirmed the device does in fact have a touchscreen, although it’s not clear what...


The World’s Cheapest E-Reader: The Foxit eSlick


A no namer called Foxit plans to introduce an e-reader next year that will undercut the competition by $130.  Called the eSlick, it measures just .4-inches thick, includes a 2GB SD card (accepts up to 4GB SD cards) and MP3 player.  It’s OS is of a Linux flavor, which has...


No New Amazon Kindles


My hopes and dreams of a cheaper college experience have been crushed!  Wait…I already graduated college.  Stinkin’ film school, Emerson to be exact.  I won’t say it was a complete waste of time…oh right, the story.  Amazon’s chief spokesperson squashed any possibility of a cheaper, retooled Kindle emerging.  To quote:...