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Kobo Aura-0334

Kobo Aura Review


E-readers are a great underutilized technology, one that’s privy to great innovation. If only more of us had time to read books! I haven’t had the time to read a full book in over a few months, and the one I did read was short too! But today most of...


The DODOcase Now Available For The Kindle (video)

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The makers of the somewhat eccentric but inarguably gorgeous DODOcase for the iPad have just launched a similar case for the Kindle 3. DODOcases are produced in the US, out of leather and handmade by artisans working in San Francisco. The trick here is to make the case look like...


Sharp Galapagos E-Reader Set To Evolve Into Tablet


Sharp’s announcement of two e-readers for the Japanese market comes packaged with clever wordage about going from a focus on one-time sales of hardware, to a more customer oriented device that evolves through continuously updating software. It will need to make all that and more come true if it wants...


Pandigital’s Novel E-Reader Has B&N Store Support


Pandigital has announced their Novel e-reader, which is a novel offering from a company mainly focused on digital picture frames. (What a pun!) The 7-inch Android powered e-reader features a 800×600 resolution full color display, WiFi, 1GB internal memory, an SD/MMC card slot, and support for the ePub, PDF, and...

Belkin e-light for Kindle

Belkin Jumps On The Kindle Train, Intros Reading Light


The Kindle e-reader from Amazon is very practical when it comes to reading books.  It’s battery is magnificent and the screen, which uses the e-ink technology is easy on the eyes.  One problem, though: it can’t be used in the dark, unless of course you’ve got an external light source. ...

Paradigm $130 Ereader

$130 E-Reader From Paradigm Shift


Sure, the iPad is awesome for reading books, but it’s also 500 dollars (and even more for the 3G version). If you don’t have that sort of cash lying around, Paradigm Shift’s EER-051D e-reader might be more to your liking. The 5-inch color screen reader supports most e-book formats, as...

iPad Preorder

Official: Apple iPad Preorder And Launch Date


A few days later than expected, but there it is, the Apple iPad will ship April 3rd with preorders starting on March 12th.  Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK will see the iPad launch later that month, though a specific date has yet to be...

LG solar powered ereader

LG’s Solar Powered e-Reader Will Change Your Summer Reading


LG is coming out with an amazing new gadget that’ll quite possibly change the way you think about summer: the solar-powered e-reader. This is actually a whole lot of amazing in one sentence, so I’ll try and break it down into more manageable chunklets for you.  One, an e-reader that...