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Dyson Hot Review


Last year I reviewed the Dyson Air Multiplier, and really ended up liking the design and the way it worked.  One of the things that I did just for fun was throw a little space heater in front of the air intake just to see what would happen.  It somewhat...

Dyson Hot

Dyson Hot


Dyson has done a stellar job of turning the vacuum, often regarded as a boring old home appliance, on its head by sexing it up with designs that no other company has had the cojones to attempt. But the vacuum world wasn’t enough, so they launched a line of bladeless...


Dyson Air Multiplier Review


[rating:4/5] It was just a few years ago that Dyson broke out into the mainstream, touting new wind tunnel technology and telling us all how our current vacuum cleaners were next to worthless. A lot of people scoffed at the design, but a quick look at store shelves today shows...

Dyson Colorware Air Multiplier

Dyson’s Air Multiplier Gets Colorwared (video)


Dyson is smart.  And so are the commercials that have been airing on TV for the last few years.   They make vacuums and we think they got a bit smarter when they repurposed their tech into something called the Dyson Air Multiplier; that’s just a fancy way of saying...

SeaKettle LIfe Raft

The SeaKettle Life Raft Makes You Fresh Water

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Created for the James Dyson Award design competition, the SeaKettle Life Raft is an amazing concept for a lifesaving raft. It provides water for shipwrecked people through a unique system that captures seawater in a special Goretex container, which keeps it there until it desalinates and then distributes the drinkable...


Dyson Air Multiplier Get New Sizes


Dyson, that company with the weird commercials featuring its founder James Dyson, has just announced two new products in its Dyson Air Multiplier line. The AM02 Tower and AM03 Pedestal take the bladeless fan design of the the original and expand it into two larger sizes. That’s “buffet-free” air, folks....

Dyson DC26

Dyson’s DC26 Sucks The Large Out Of Itself


The Dyson Vacuum brand is loved like no other dust sucking machine.  It’s gotta be their kick ass design, which screams opulence and sophistication – who would of thought a vacuum cleaner could have done that.  Now after 5 years of R&D, Dyson has built their smallest sucker, the DC26. ...


Dyson’s Newest Gadget – The Bladeless Fan


There’s been some rumor stirring around about the newest gadget from Dyson, and the announcement has recently been made.  Dyson’s next project is a familiar one: the bladeless desk fan. Sure, it sounds ludicrous–how do you have a desk fan without blades?  Well, if you’re Dyson, you replace the blades...