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Alienware Alpha

Alienware Alpha Gaming PC hits lowest ever price of $399


If you’ve been tracking the progress of the Alienware Alpha since it’s release, you’ll know it’s seen several significant price drops in the last few months. Today the Alienware Alpha Core i3 hits a new low of $400 after coupon 1KHQR?2D3XRKWZ. While the specs alone may not seem that impressive...

Dyson Humidifier

Dyson Humidifier Uses Ultraviolet Light To Clean Your Air

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Dyson is known for creating some of the most technologically advanced fans around and now they’re entering the humidifier market with their first model dubbed the Hygienic Mist. Just like all of their other products, the humidifier features great looks and a unique design that’ll help you overcome your wintertime...


Dyson Unveils Its First Robot Vacuum After 16 Years


Dyson has been in the vacuum business for the past 16 years, and now the well-known appliance company has finally unveiled their first robot vacuum cleaner with their 360 Eye. The moving robotic vacuum is said to pack even more cleaning power than any others on the market. It’s Wi-Fi-connected...

coolest fans

6 of the “Coolest” Desktop Fans 2014 (list)


With summer practically knocking at our door, get ready for some insane temperatures! Yup, it’s about to get hot. But the heat isn’t always welcomed for those who don’t necessarily enjoy the summer months for its scorching temperatures, so we’ve compiled a list of the coolest desktop fans to help...

Dyson DC35 Review

Dyson DC35 Multi-floor Vacuum Review


In most, if not all instances I’d probably shove my nose at the opportunity to review a vacuum.  But Dyson, needless to say, isn’t your ordinary vacuum company.  Unlike Oreck, and other companies of the same ilk, Dyson has managed to curate a product that is both heavy on utility,...


Dyson DC41 Review


I’ve reviewed plenty of Dyson products in the past, from the Air Multiplier, to the Hot, and then the Dyson DC39 Ball.  While all of these products were exceptional, they all slightly missed the mark of perfection.  So will the DC41 be any different?  Will it finally be the perfect...


Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Vacuum Review


While we have reviewed Dyson fans and Dyson heaters here at, we have yet to review one of the products that people know Dyson for – their vacuum cleaners.  Well my friends, that all changes now.  While Dyson still makes the large bagless uprights, one of their focuses lately...