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DXG’s DXG-5F9V 3D Camcorder Sells for $299


3D porn movies are no longer relegated to the professionals.  Now you and your loved one can experience your Gonzo styled exploits in 3D thanks to DXG’s DXG-5F9V.  While we’ll ignore the fact that they’ve placed the brand name directly in the model, we can’t help but oggle the price,...


DXG-125V: A $100 HD Waterproof Camcorder


Shock, disbelief and jaw drop.  These are all things that describe my reaction to the DXG-125V (pictured above), a tiny waterproof camcorder that can record 720p video (h.264 encoding) and costs just $100!  It will hit this July and come in red, military olive and winter camouflage.  As for storage...

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