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Elgato Eye TV

Win an Elgato EyeTV HD from GadgetReview


GadgetReview is giving away an Elgato EyeTV HD, a full-featured DVR for your Mac, to ONE lucky winner! The EyeTV HD connects your Mac to your cable or satellite receiver and lets you record, watch and edit your shows and movies.  It includes an infrared remote and a blaster to change...

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Direct TV DVR Controlling iPhone App


Control is power and vice-versa.  Scarface would agree.  Those who have a Direct TV DVR and an iPhone will be happy to know that there is a new app out there that gives you full access to your account. The app is FREE and will let you browse programs, stations...


Tivo Blackberry App Now Available For Download


RIM and Tivo announced the availability of the Tivo app for BlackBerry devices. Yeah, you probably perked up and exclaimed, “Wow!” but the app only allows you to view the program guide and schedule shows to be recorded. Sorry to be a downer but like most of you I was...


Tivo Might Be Coming To Time Warner, Please Say It Is So


Tivo’s suit against Dish Network, the one that won them $103 million in royalties, might do more than fatten their bank account.  It might provide them with the necessary leverage to either sell the company to a Pay TV service provider or establish contracts with DirecTV, TimeWarner cable and others...


Echostar T2200S Is The First SlingBox Loaded DVR Box For Cable

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Echostar unveiled their latest box with built-in SlingBox and DVR functionality yesterday, the T2200S.  Unlike previous Echostar boxes, though, this one will work with cable (Echostar owns Dish Network) and includes a DOCSIS cable modem, a 1TB hard drive and dual-tuners.  So, for those that invest in this mighty DVR,...