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YotaPhone 2 Has Two Screens, No Waiting


If you own a smartphone, there’s probably been a point where you wished you could just double the screens, or flip over your phone to do one thing while it chews through another task. Sadly, smartphone manufacturers have largely ignored our pleas to use two screens at once, or need...

Echo Small

Kyocera Echo Review


[rating:3.5/5] For me, a full blown tablet is nice real estate wise, but it can be tedious to type on. By contrast, a smart phone is nice and handy for thumb pecking out email and posts to Facebook, but the screen is so darn small. If only there could be...


Samsung SCH-W899 Dual Screen Clamshell Smartphone


Remember Fujitsu’s dual screen phone prototype we covered some time before? That was a phone that showed a lot of promise and innovation usability-wise, you could turn it into several different shape modes, to where you’d end up saying ‘I’ll use it in this mode for that software, and then...

fujitsu dual screen

Fujitsu Dual Screen Smartphone Opens Up World Of Possibilities

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With tablets stealing huge chunks of the market away from laptops, and e-readers chomping down on some of the potential customers for tablets, is there anything on the horizon that can bring a new and interesting combo of usability, portability and size? The dual screen mobile phone that Fujitsu has...