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Nintendo 3DS Hands On - 06

Nintendo 3DS Hands On (pics galore)


Yesterday we hit E3 and got a hands on with the Nintendo 3Ds.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let us take any pics of it turned on or shoot any video while someone was playing it.  Some of the pics came out kind of blurry due to bad lighting and user error....

Nintendo 3DS Hands On - 06

Nintendo 3DS Details Emerge


3-D movies, 3-D HDTV’s, and now 3-D portable game consoles — looks like the 3-D trend is here to stay. Nintendo announced their latest handheld today, the 3DS, and it looks mighty impressive. The device will offer 3-D gameplay without the use of stereoscopic glasses, with the use of two...


Nintendo DSi XL Launch Date And Price Announced


Nintendo’s DSi XL, the largest and neweest of DSis, will hit US shores on March 28th for $190.  In exchange for a swollen pocket you’ll score two 4.2-inch LCDs and a slightly thicker build.  When it first arrives it will be available in Burgundy and Bronze, but I’d expect additional...


Nintendo DS Lite Cooking Bundle Is Tasty Looking


Geek out all you want, but that still means you gotta eat.  Everyones gotta eat, right?  Nintendo has a new DS bundle on the market that includes a fancy case, lime green DS and ‘Personal Trainer: Cooking’.  Yup, DS not DSi, so if you wanna get this bundle you’re gonna...