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MO-CLEAN/14 Refines Cocaine Off Of Bank Notes


It’s an infamous study that’s been passed around for a while: 90% of currency in a test had traces of cocaine on it. Aside from being the source of dozens of bad jokes from chat show hosts, though, leave it to some entrepreneur to develop a machine to use that...

Pot Cannon

Homemade Marijuana Cannon Used To Fire “Drugs” Over U.S. Border


There are about 19 U.S. states that have legalized the use of the cannabis, “grass,” “purp,” “Sinsemilla,” “chronic,” “cest,” “trees,” “wacky-tabacky,” “Professor Green,” “Fire,” “Bud,” or “dope” as my mother still calls it. Whatever your choice of endearing term for the green stuff might be, it has been approved at...