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Phantom 3 Drone Look More Consumer-Friendly Than Ever

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If there’s one thing that DJI’s Phantom 3 drone does particularly well, it’s finally look like a consumer drone. The new simplified color scheme and design does wonders for the latest drone generation: An average consumer can look at the models and think, “Oh right, that’s how that works.” Both...

nano drone

The Nano Drone Is An Adorable Tiny Quadcopter


Few of us genuinely need a drone. Aside from a few industries, scientific research, and spying, most of us just want a drone to fly around and have a little fun with, possibly terrorize the cat. Fortunately, for those of us who just want a small flying toy to play...


Inspire One: The Ultimate 4K Video Drone


Nothing quite says you’ve arrived like your personal video surveillance drone. And what DJI offers with the Inspire One is so much more than that. This four-rotor drone is essentially a highly refined flying machine with a Hollywood-level, high-definition video camera attached to it – guaranteed to make your friends’...

parrot sumo

Parrot Introduces New Drones, Sumo and MiniDrone


Parrot is known for their Bluetooth products, but they’re transitioning into the drone market and revealed two new drones at CES earlier this month. Both are new smartphone-controlled bots: The Sumo and the MiniDrone. The Sumo is a rolling and jumping bot that features two wheels and moves around the...