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Gadget Concept: USB Drive With Available Memory Display


Embracing a Halo type of design aesthetic, this USB drive concept looks quite snazzy.  With its polished silver finish, the main draw here is the bright red display that denotes how much memory is available.  So far this design is just a concept, but I’m sure something like this will...


LockFace USB Stick With Facial Recognition By Futen


Claiming 98% accuracy, this 4GB flash drive uses your computer’s webcam to identify whether or not it’s you accessing the memory stick.  All you have to do for set-up is register a couple pictures of yourself showcasing some of your best high security faces and you’re good to go. The...


Presence In Absence USB Couples Locket


In what I would consider total tech weirdness, the Presence in Absence USB Couples Locket is unique idea for those engaged in long distance relationships.  Sort of like a digital scrapbook you wear around your neck I really don’t know what to think about this. Developed by recent Swedish graduate...