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Dragon Age: Inquisition Goes Co-op & Gets 23% Discount


Update: 11/17: The 23% discount at GMG is over. The only valid pre-order deal is 13% through a GMG “VIP sale.” Link below. Big news means big discounts? Today as Dragon Age: Inquisition gets the announcement of a Co-op multiplayer game, Green Man Gaming launched a 23% off coupon discount for the...


11 Brand New Must-See Gameplay Videos of E3 (list)


It’s E3 time again folks. The show is just now whirring up with the traditional press conferences from the major publishing houses and hardware manufacturers like Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Those are typically filled with announcement that won’t see completed fruition for several months to years. For instance, Ubisoft’s The...


Dragon Age: Inquisition Is Cheapest on PC (Updated)


The Inquisition begins on October 7th, 2014! … Or so BioWare announced yesterday in a new Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer. In addition to the announcement, the pre-order became available for sale: Standard at $59.99 and a fancy “Deluxe Edition” for $69.99. In a lesser known story, several online gaming retailers...