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Beatbox by Dr Dre-1

Beatbox iPod Dock Review

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[rating: 4.5/5] Pros: Awesomely loud Built-in handle for carrying Includes remote and built-in iPod Dock GSM shielding prevents cell phone interference Cons: Expensive; $300+ A bit bright tonally at high volumes Heavy and big No battery or Bluetooth option If 5 years ago someone would have told me that a rap artist...

Beatbox by Dr Dre

First Look: Beatbox by Dr. Dre from Monster (video)

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Beats by Dr. Dre have become a phenomenal success.  They’ve sold millions of dollars in headphones and in November launched a dedicated iPod/iPhone dock that retails for $449.95 (you can find it cheaper at Crutchfield, Amazon) called the Beatbox.   High price aside, the system really cranks and while I...

Dashlink iPhone Dock

Dashlink Harley Davidson iPhone Dock


There are a million iPhone and iPod docks for the car, but what about motorcyclists?  Or in this case what about Harley Davidson motorcyclists? Enter the Dashlink Docking Console.  It’s actually a replacement fuel tank complete with dock, line out audio, power and integrated volume control through the stock handlebars...

Yamaha PDX-31

Yamaha PDX-31 iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock


Yamaha’s PDX-31 probably won’t knock your socks off when it boils down to sound quality, but in terms of design and simplicity it’s a home run in our book. Inside the box is a reinforced, dual wall “box-within-a-box” construction with twin 3 1/4 -inch speakers.  If you haven’t sussed it...

Sony CMT-7LD

Sony CMT-7LD 9-inch Touchscreen MP3 Player Dock


If it weren’t for the Japanese market we’re not sure Sony would continue to build MP3 players and compatible docks.   But hey, that’s not the case, so today Sony Japan announced the CMT-L7D. Yup, it’s a dock for your Sony MP3 player and can pump out tunes through its...

Xtememac Tango TRX

Xtrememac Tango TRX iPhone Speaker Dock (update)


UPDATED.  When it comes to iPhone docks you want something that complements not conflicts with Apple’s design. The Tango TRX is a 2.1-channel iPhone/iPod touch speaker dock that is to drool for. Hidden beneath the cool exterior are two tweeters, two midrange drivers and a downward firing sub for crystal...

Jensen iPad Dock

Jensen’s Dock Adds Much Needed Volume To The iPad


This is Jensen’s iPad Dock, the JiPS-250i. You’ve got two speakers for added volume and improved sound, as well as a video output for displaying the iPad’s contents on a larger screen. Supposedly, you can use the dock in either portrait or landscape mode and there is an included Jensen...

zemno deskbook dock

The DeskBook Pro Is The Ultimate Laptop Dock


Zemno’s new DeskBook Pro docking station is a sight to behold. It gives your laptop access to seven USB ports, 3 FireWire 800 ports, 1 FireWire 400 port, 1 ESATA data connection, 1 ESATA power connection, DVI output, stereo input/output, and a memory card reader. There’s also two hatches on...

Retro iPhone

A Truly Retro iPhone


Retro handsets for cell phones have been kicking around on the shelves of Urban Outfitters for many years now.  But this is the first one we’ve seen specifically for the iPhone complete with dock and 30-pin plug.  And yes, the handset does work. ...

Sony Walkman Dock

Sony Outs New Walkman Dock, NAS-V5 and NAS-V7M


Sony is sort of hit or miss in the design department, but these new Walkman docks are a definite “hit” in my opinion. The multi-colored NAS-V5 and NAS-V7M models are technically designed for the Walkman, but other players will work just fine with it. The latter also features 16GB of...