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BF3 End Game Launch

Battlefield 3 End Game DLC Available This Month (video)


[GR]wo0O-DCQJeo[/GR] The lucky PlayStation 3 stalwarts will undoubtedly be too busy to read this particular post–and for good reason. Battlefield 3 End Game, the latest morsel of DLC to hit the franchise juggernaut, has just landed. But only PS3 owners who purchased Battlefield 3 Premium are allowed entry into this...

BLOPS2 Revolution

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC Collection Available Today


[GR]j6dCSeQjm38[/GR] A new DLC is about to drop for what could be called a virtual black hole for young males. When anything “Call of Duty” breezes through, don’t expect much undivided attention from your significant others there, ladies. Unfortunately this particular DLC is packing more than maps, more than modes…...

Dishonored Dunwal City Trials3

Honoring Your Skillz – Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials DLC


Ho ho! It appears Bethesda’s most recent gamble on a new IP has paid off, and how! While keeping a tight lid on the actually numerals, Pete Hines of the house that Beth built, tells Destructoid,  Dishonored has “…far exceeded our sales expectations.”  Bravo! The Brits at Rock Paper Shotgun...


Borderlands 2 – Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage DLC Nov. 20th (Video)


[GR]HaLJ0UMNHLg[/GR] More Borderlands 2 is coming our way. IGN reports, another story-flavored DLC will be available for would-be vault hunters, as soon as next week! Lock and load for Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, where we get to meet the mastermind behind weapons manufacture “TORGUE”. BL2 players can identify TORGUE manufactured...


Battlefield 3 Aftermath DLC Launch Trailer Reveals “Seismic” Changes Inbound


[GR]PcO5ajxGenc[/GR] The one-year anniversary for EA first-person shooting behemoth – Battlefield 3 is swiftly approaching. Just prior to that inital launch last Oct., developer DICE promised they were committed to delivering a continual stream of new content and DLC that would extend the life of the game for years to...

Infinity Blade Vault of Tears

Infinity Blade II “Vault of Tears” DLC Now Available


Graphically speaking, Infinity Blade was the game that set the benchmark when it comes the iPad’s graphical prowess.  And for those of you that invested in Infinity Blade II, you can now download the first of what should be many DLCs for the game, which mind you are completely free....