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Quirky PowerShell

Quirky PowerShell Folding Work Light Review


Who gets excited about a work light? Sure  it’s good to have a light that can move around with you when you’re trying to fix something in a dark corner or do some other kind of DIY stuff around the house, but excited? Not much. What Else Is There? Me,...


The Konstruktor F Is The Best Do-It-Yourself SLR Camera


Once the rage was all about taking a snapshot and getting the film developed fast so you could look at the picture. That’s part of the reason that Polaroid became so popular. But now that “instant” photos are just a digital click away on a cellphone, many are finding it...


DIY “Hidden Pool” Disappears Under Grass-Covered Top (video)


Having a pool in your backyard is awesome, but not many homeowners agree. There are some who think having grass and room for kids to play is way more important. While there are some house lots that actually offer both, many backyards only allow for one (or a very, very...


Not Sharks But Still Throwing You a Bone – Robots with Fri#*n Laser Beams On Their Heads


It doesn’t matter if you were born within the last decade or the last five, if you’ve ever watched a science fiction flick you’ve wanted a robot of your very own. Sure, our parents tried their best by bringing home those remote controlled automations. Depending on the decade in which...


Low-Budget Bullet-Time Rig Take Beautiful, Flawed Footage (Video)


Slow motion, and bullet-time, are actually useful scientific tools. While we know them mostly as dramatic cinematography, the ideas and concepts are great for scientific analysis. Also, it looks cool, which is why a NASA engineer and his buddy built a low-budget version for an expensive camera. Visual Acuity Here’s...

Star Trek apt

Super Trekkie Redesigns Apartment Inspired by Star Trek Starship Enterprise


Space is it really the final frontier? I mean, the world’s oceans seem unending in their ability to surprise and befuddle with new areas, new depths and new marine life to uncover. However, your living “space”, while not the final frontier, it is often seen as one’s ultimate resting ground....


Checkout the Most Detailed Star Wars AT-AT Bunk Bed Some Lucky Kid Gets to Sleep In


Star Wars inspired do it yourself projects are pretty much a dime a dozen.  But that isn’t to say they’re not worth a serious look, especially when they’re of this size and scale. That said, this isn’t the first AT-AT Bed that we’ve seen, but it most certainly looks like...

Wooden Low Rider Bicycle-1

This Build-It-Yourself Wooden Low Rider Bicycle is Sure to Appeal to Model Airplane Nerds


Different is good.  Case in point: a lower rider bicycle that comes packaged like a model airplane, that you assemble yourself. What you’re looking at is a custom-made beech plywood frame bicycle that took first place in the bicycle segment of the IBDC ( International Bicycle Design Competition in Taipei) 2013.  The...


In Win H-Frame Aluminum Computer Case – Flux Capacitor Not Included


Just as our guts begin to recover from the onslaught of consumed Thanksgiving goodies, the hype engine revs up for something just as sumptuous. I’m not talking about Donner, Blitzen, chestnuts or heavy-set men with bad fashion sense and deer fetishes. No! Christmas takes a back burner for us tech...


WORX WX254L Screwdriver Automatically Loads Drills Bits Like Bullets in A Magazine


Modular tools appears to be a fast growing trend.  Case in point is the Black and Decker Matrix Tool, which allows you hot swap out different tools in addition to the included screw driver attachment.  Furthering that list is the WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver. Much like a revolver, as...

Even this late-1990s Pentium, with a screaming 256 megabytes of RAM, enjoys a second life playing music.

How to Turn an Old Computer into the Mother of all Jukeboxes (how to)


If you have an old computer gathering dust in a closet, it might make a good boat anchor. Or you might put it to work, making it into a random-play jukebox. But never mind the tinny computer speakers; instead hook it up to your stereo for hours of nonstop music....