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HP Sprout

The HP Sprout: The PC Solution for Creatives


HP has always beenĀ innovativeĀ (they’ve been banging on the smartwatch door since 1977, you know), and now the company has proven itself once again as a leader in innovation by introducing the HP Sprout, an extremely unique PC workstation solution for those that love to create. The Sprout combines elements of...

Mac Pro 2013

The New Mac Pro Lives Up To Both Parts Of Its Name


Apple has, and not unreasonably, spent a lot of time over the last five years working on its mobile technology. Completely changing the course of mobile technology and reinventing a niche computer market as the most important sector in the computing industry takes time, and it did sort of make...

Sapphire EDGE VS8_3

Sapphire EDGE VS8 Mini PC Review


In the field of smaller diminutive personal computers, consumer choice is increasingly challenged by market saturation. Our options are many; we have all sorts of Home Theater PCs and ways for system builders to craft their own tiny boxes with micro ATX and the newly offered mini-XT motherboards. The later...

AOC i2757fh-1

AOC Ultra-Slim i2757FH 27in HD Display Review

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I really enjoy an unhampered high quality image. I don’t care if it’s real or imagined–illustrated or real-life photos… I have a great appreciation for the things I suck at and art is one of them (unless it’s the art of rhetorical sorcery). So when the chance arose to test...


Acer’s Aspire “Predator” AG7750 Is One Killer Desktop


Acer’s new Aspire “Predator” AG7750 Desktop is intense. With a rugged design worthy of its name, users lift the mechanized face shield to access all the inside components. Those include an Intel Core i7-930 CPU, NVIDIA GTX 470 GPU, 1TB HDD (with three more additional storage bays for 8TB total),...