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Skylake Gaming Desktop Available for Purchase at HP


Feels like every time we turn around Intel’s releasing a new processor architecture. This fall marks the debut of the latest. Dubbed “Skylake”, the successor to the Broadwell architecture offers the holy grail of better CPU and GPU performance while reducing power consumption. So if you’ve held off on purchasing...

Startech Thunderbolt Dock-0350

Startech Thunderbolt Docking Station Review


With any computer that uses Thunderbolt, unless you’ve got the cash to buy a couple of Thunderbolt Displays to go along with it, there’s very little most users can do with the high density data transfer connector. It’s expensive and has very little support in the PC community, even if...

Seagate Central

CES 2013 Seagate Storage Solutions Announced


The simplest things don’t often come simply. Take a system backup. It’s a simple task that can save a world of headaches. Pushing myself to do one was like ice skating uphill, until I reviewed the Seagate Back Plus external USB drive. The included Dashboard software makes backups simple and...

Cheap Dell Core i5 Desktop Only $450

Dell Core i5 Desktop Only $450


This Dell Inspiron 660 with Ivy Bridge Core i5 CPU, GeForce GT 620 graphics, 8GB RAM and 2TB Hard Drive is only $450 on Dell Home. That’s $200 off the $650 list price and the lowest price ever by $80. Oddly enough Dell is selling a much weaker configuration with...

Windows 8

Windows 8 Review: Falsehoods Dispelled and Features Examined


Microsoft’s release of Windows 8 has been fraught with disastrous media renditions of how the operating system is awful, requires too many steps, and is in many ways far worse than the acclaimed Windows 7. But there’s a much deeper story to Windows 8 from my experience with the operating system, and there is...


PaperClip Lamp


The paperclip is one of those timeless inventions I think of when I’m having a not so smart day.  Now morphed into another invention, the PaperClip Lamp looks like your everyday giant sized paperclip, but it is also a fun LED desktop lamp. No word on the true reality of...