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Elevate Makes Any Desk A Standing Desk


You’ve probably heard by now that you shouldn’t be sitting eight hours a day. Granted, standing eight hours a day isn’t great for you either, and you need to vary your position throughout the day. But not all of us have standing desks, or the room at work for them,...

stand up desk

How to Properly Use a Standing Desk


With more and more of today’s jobs being sedentary, it’s become a real health concern for many people. Everything from obesity and weakened muscles to an increased risk of heart disease can be linked to inactivity and lack of exercise. A major catalyst for this phenomenon is the large number...

Duplex Workspace

Duplex Workspace Is Great For Porn


The Duplex Workspace works as a normal desk, but when you’re looking for some added privacy you can just flip up the canopy.  We like it because it’s made entirely of wood, though we’re not sure how many people will take to the idea of home use since most desks...