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.ORG Laser Cut Organizer Declutters Your Desk


Desks tend to get pretty messy throughout your work day. There’s post-it notes everywhere, pens scattered about, your phone hidden under paper, etc. so it can be hard to really get work done. Well the .ORG laster cut desk organizer want to help clean you your act so that you...

Knoll Sapper XYZ Monitor Arm

Knoll Sapper XYZ Monitor Arm Review


If you’re workspace is anything like mine, there is little room for new work-related residents without the need to evict current productivity squatters. I would love to have a 3D surround sound setup where three monitors are linked together for ultra wide and ultra ridiculous resolutions. Forget the money needed...



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If you home is tight on space you’ll probably forgo installing a computer workspace.  Which is too bad because everyone should be able to separate their home life from their work, but not all of us can afford a palatial pad with an extra room for knocking out after hours...


Lounge-Wood Laptop Desk


The Lounge-wood is crafted of wood and steel and supports your notebook in a comfortable and ergonomic position while you sit on your butt and surf the web.  It’s fully height adjustable, while the table can be positioned in virtually any angle to accommodate even the most finicky of laptop...


LightSaber USB Desk Lamp


Star Wars merchandising will never end.  To add to the planet sized landfill of Star Wars junk comes the LightSaber USB Desk Lamp.  Capable of being unsheathed to conduct a symphony John Williams style at anytime, I can’t imagine this being the type of light that’s conducive to productivity. The...


E-Pad Laptop Pillow Desk


Having just bought a new laptop I was excited to be able to work outside of my basement but wanted to find a nice accessory to keep my computer elevated properly and comfortable at the same time.  I found one at Ikea that I like to call a laptop pillow....