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“Fight to the Sleep” with These Pillow Weapons


Just because it’s stuffed full of feathers, doesn’t mean it won’t hurt.  I’m talking about a pillow, just in case you were wondering.  With a full windup, a pillow can knock you on your ass if struck directly in the face and leave you dazed. That’s why I recommend these Pillow...

Clothespin Light Bulb

Clothespin Light Bulb (video)


Most light bulbs twist and turn into place.  But how about a version that clips?  The Peg uses a clip mechanism, like a clothespin, to hold the light bulb in place and all the while transfers energy to the attached bulb through a set of contacts.  It’s a pretty neat...

Milk Carton Handle

Wooden Milk Carton Handle


It’s not like drinking milk from a carton sans handle is a challenge.  But just in case you’re looking for that next level of refinement while guzzling direct from the container you might want to consider Minna’s wooden handles.  They work by sliding neatly onto the folded portion of the...


Soda Can With A Resealable Lid (video)


Isn’t it about time the soda can got an update?  And perhaps this time the update won’t be motivated by safety reasons (remember those swallowable tabs?).  This design uses the standard soda pop-can tabs, but hidden underneath the lid is an additional seal that can be rotated into place just...

OLED Rocking Chair-1

OLED Lamp Powered By The Movement Of A Rocking Chair


Although it might be a bit far from reality the Murakami Chair is one slick design that has my head nodding with agreement.  The attached OLED lamp, which requires less energy than a standard light bulb to operate, draws energy from an on board battery pack that is powered by...


Pop’s ‘Stache Separates The Men From The Beer


Here’s a novel approach to separating your beer bottle from your friends: the Pop’s Stache. It attaches to the neck of the bottle and when you take a sip your instantaneously transformed into a 70s porn star.  Perfect for a  pimps and hos party, or any party for that matter...