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H=Jacket With Attached BackPack


The H by ‘Harris H=Jacket looks pretty epic.  I’m sure we’ll soon see this featured in some highly stylized action movie.  With a sleek aesthetic and questionable design this jacket hybrid will only really be comfortable in limited scenarios. From the looks of the picture, another person could for whatever...


Inner City Bike Designed Without Rider In Mind


OK, so while this bike looks interesting enough, it also looks really for lack of a better adjective, stupid.  With the last decade seeing rise to the fixed gear bike (much to my disdain), this bike seems to absolutely epitomize that design mindset with a little impracticality thrown in for...


Concept: The Rolling Radio


This may well qualify as the strangest radio I’ve ever seen.  Not only doesn’t it have any outward controls or indicators, it also rolls around freely on a tabletop. That’s because the very things that make it roll also change the channel and the volume.  The volume and channel knobs...


Jet Pack Arm Chair…Need I Say More?


Some days I just wanna fly away on a jet plane, or how ever the song goes.  Now my fantasy, well, ah, can be a more vivid fantasy.  From design Gianni Pedone comes the Orfojet armchair.  Unfortunately, its bark is bigger than its bite, as the jet engine design appears...


Umbrellas That Transform When They Get Wet


Let there be rain! Yup, that's something you don't hear most people saying unless of course they live in a drought infested part of the world. London design company, Squid London, produced just 100 of these umbrellas that transform when they get wet [...]...


Athena Couch Is The God’s Choice Of Furniture


As if designer furniture wasn’t expensive enough.  Now you can seriously break the bank with the purchase of the Athena Sofa.  Looking more conceptual than actual, the Athena Sofa stuffs in touchscreen (maybe) monitors in both armrests and includes a wide array of connectivity options and includes WiFi, 8-inch subwoofer,...


Design Concept: 5.1 Wireless Speaker Cube


It's designs like these that really showcase how incredibly creative people can be. Just look at the pictures! This design by Tuvie incorporates 5 wireless speakers and a subwoofer that all fit together to form a cube. Held together via internal magnets, the system can perform intact...

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