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The PillCam Will Make Middle Age Less Humiliating


As we age, there are many indiginities visited upon us for the sake of our longer-term health. Ask anybody who’s been told that they’re getting a colonoscopy how, precisely, that makes them feel. But fortunately, science can also figure out ways to spare our dignity, which is where the PillCam...


Switch Modular Pocket Knife Lets You Pick The Tools


As I am a nerd, and a former Boy Scout, I love having multi-tools in my pockets. They’re useful for any number of reasons, of course, ranging from opening boxes to minor fixes, and it’s nice to be ready for anything. But multitools are really “configurable”… at least until the...


Porkfolio: A Piggy Bank With An App


We’d all like to save more money. But it can be difficult, in a world full of microtransactions and temptations on Kickstarter. Which is why, if you want to save some change, you need a little help. Namely, a piggy bank, like the Porkfolio. Bringing Home the Bacon The Porkfolio...


Decibullz Custom Earphones Will Rock You Comfortably


If there’s a problem with earphones, beyond the fact that they make a lot of audiophiles wince in terms of sound quality, it’s the fact that they’re built as “one size fits all”, leaving some of us to cram the buds into our ears and others to constantly try to...

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Meet EcoSwitch, The Touchscreen Hot Plate


If you live in a small, crappy apartment, or a college dorm, you probably have a hot plate. And it’s probably terrible; most hot plates are. But what if they could be redesigned, from the ground up, to be safer and smarter? That’s the idea behind EcoSwitch. A Smartplate In...

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Volvo Has Just Created The Future Of The Electric Car

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Volvo has a reputation for building tanks that masquerade as cars. It generally takes emissions standards or a wrecking ball to get a Volvo off the road for good, they’re that reliable. And Volvo seems out to improve that reputation by changing the way electric cars work. The Problem With...


LG’s Bendable Smartphone Screens Are Finally Coming


For what has felt like decades now, LG has been teasing us with the prospect of bendy screens for our smartphones. And, yet, it’s never really come to pass, until now. Oooooh, Flexible! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make a smartphone into a slap bracelet any time soon; this...


Meet Sol, The $300 Solar-Powered Laptop


One of the problems of modern computing is power. While computers have become more and more power-efficient, charging a laptop in the middle of, say, Ghana where there’s no electrical infrastructure is a pretty serious problem. The solution? Come up with a rugged, cheap laptop powered by the sun. And...


GlassUp Offers Augmented Reality Glasses That Look Familiar

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Google Glass has, of course, caught the attention of nerds and is starting up a long, possibly complicated, discussion of what’s public and what isn’t when you’re walking around with a camera attached to your face. But if you just want the augmented reality features, and not to be recording...

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New iPhone Carbon Monoxide Detector Case Could Save Your Life

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We mostly know carbon monoxide detectors as annoying devices that eat batteries, but the truth is that they’re around for a reason. Carbon monoxide is impossible to detect without some sort of chemical detector sampling the air, and if it collects long enough, it can potentially be fatal. So this...

Mac Pro 2013

The New Mac Pro Lives Up To Both Parts Of Its Name


Apple has, and not unreasonably, spent a lot of time over the last five years working on its mobile technology. Completely changing the course of mobile technology and reinventing a niche computer market as the most important sector in the computing industry takes time, and it did sort of make...