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The Sphelar Solar Flashlight Makes Charging Your Flashlight Easy And Green


Flashlights are incredibly useful tools, but if you use them a lot, you know from personal experience how quickly they chew through batteries, and how many they’ll grind through on a regular basis. As a result, more and more work is going into making flashlights more reliable and easier to...


Soto Torch Turns Lighters Into Useful Tools


If you’re camping, hiking, or just have a recalcitrant stove, you need a reliable source of fire. A lighter would seem to fit the bill, but lighters, as campers quickly learn, aren’t built to do anything other than light a pile of charcoal or a cigarette. This is where the...


CreoPop Is A 3D Pen Without The Burning Risk

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As 3D printing and desktop manufacturing become more common, 3D pens are going to be in more and more workshops and desk drawers. So why not, argues CreoPop, use the one designed to offer all the benefits, and none of the potentially agonizing burns? 3D Without Heat 3D pens are...


Gamevice Puts Hardware Controls On Your iPad Mini


Mobile gaming is becoming more complex as a genre and moving away from the kind of AAA console gaming that requires a controller. Well, for the most part, anyway; some people are looking for a controller for their mobile device, and the Gamevice is built to bring it to your...

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The Recon 6 Combines A Multitool And A Watch


If you’re like me, you like being prepared. I go around with several tools on my keychain, mostly because while I don’t need wire strippers or a wrench every day, I need them just often enough to keep them on me. But some people want to be a little more...


The CATable Combines The Desk And The Kitty Gym


If you own a computer, and a cat, and do anything on your computer, you know all too well that the keyboard is the cat’s natural enemy. The CATable tries to do something about that by making your desk a kitty-friendly space. Desk And Cat Habitrail As a desk, it’s...


The Osteoid Is The Next Step In Bone Healing


Most of us will break a bone at some point in our lives. No matter how hard our bones are, we’re often willing to push them a little too far. So why not have a fashionable cast that not only looks good, but helps your bones heal? That’s the idea...

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6 Of The Weirdest, Funkiest Designs From Salone Internazionale del Mobile


The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is essentially where designers go to show off the wildest and weirdest they’ve got. It’s been going on this past week… and some of the stuff out there is even stranger than you might think. Here are the ten strangest designs from the show. 1....


The Zstat Puts A Smart Thermostat In Your Home For Cheap


Increasingly, we’re moving towards “The Internet of Things”; objects that have wireless connectivity, long memories, and the ability to “learn” your behavior so that you get precisely what you need around the house precisely when you need it. The smart thermostat is probably the best example of this, and the...

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Carbon Hides A Solar Charger On Your Wrist

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There are plenty of solar gizmos out there, especially on Kickstarter. But Carbon is the most visually arresting of them, for a fairly simple reason; it’s not just a solar cell you can strap to your wrist; it’s also a quite nice analog watch. Solar Power For Your Phone Carbon...


The PillCam Will Make Middle Age Less Humiliating


As we age, there are many indiginities visited upon us for the sake of our longer-term health. Ask anybody who’s been told that they’re getting a colonoscopy how, precisely, that makes them feel. But fortunately, science can also figure out ways to spare our dignity, which is where the PillCam...