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Gadgets At A Glance: Dell Wasabi PZ310 Pocket Printer


The Dell Wasabi PZ310 pocket printer is exactly that--an extremely tiny mobile printer designed for printing on the go. It's inkless since it's based on Zink's Inkless technology. So how does it work? Color dye crystals are embedded into the special ZINK paper and released when heated by the printer....


Gadget Rumor: Dell Smartphone


According to Shaw Wu at Kaufman Bros., the Dell smartphone could be on its way. Factor in Dell's hiring of a former Motorola executive and signs point to a Axim-like smartphone based on Windows Mobile (or maybe, hopefully, Android?)....


Gadget Rumor: Dell To Release Adamo Laptop, Macbook Air Murderer


Rumorville says that Dell is set to introduce a Macbook Air competitor called the Adamo.  According to NYTimes, site uncovered the purported razor thin computer via a trademark search.  And then of course there’s this teaser website, whose registrar info is DNStination Inc., a name or company that registered...


Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Laptop Ships Early December


Dell officially launched their Inspiron Mini 12 laptop today, the big brother of the Mini 9. You can choose between 3 different configs, or mod it to suit your own taste. Starting at $549 expect a 1.33Ghz Intel Atom Processor Z520, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 40GB hard drive, WiFi G,...

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