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Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet

Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet (update)


Update: Checkout our Dell Inspiron Duo review. This is Dell’s newest Inspiron computer, the Duo Tablet.  Inside are dual-core Atom N550 processors running Windows 7 Premium. But what really takes your breath away is the 10-inch flip touchscreen, which converts the full on laptop, complete with keyboard, to a tablet...


Dell Launches Their First Smartphone, The Dell Aero


Dell has unleashed their first U.S. smartphone, the Aero, into the world. Specs include a 3.5-inch 640 x 360 display, 2GB storage, microSD slot, 5MP camera, and what Dell boasts as a 3.67-ounce weight, the lightest multi-touch Android phone on the market.  Unfortunately, it’s only running Android 1.5, and Dell’s...


Dell Streak Officially Priced


Though we basically confirmed it a couple weeks ago, Dell has now officially announced pricing and availability for their Streak tablet. It’ll set you back $299.99 with a contract, or $549.99 otherwise, and should have Android 1.6 preinstalled, with 2.1 coming hopefully soon. Those who pre-ordered the Streak get to...


Dell Streak Gets Priced?


Dell has pulled the post, but their official blog looks to have announced pricing for their soon-arriving Android-powered Streak tablet, so we’ll take it as official. If you register for the pre-sale (today is the last day), you’ll be getting an e-mail with a link to purchase the phone for...

Precision M6500

Dell Unveils First Laptop With 32GB RAM


Does your computer slow down when running lots of programs? Maybe you need to upgrade your RAM to, say, 32GB? Okay, that might be overkill, but the option is now available on the Dell 17-inch Precision M6500 laptop. Now, what’s the point of all that memory, you may ask? It’s used...


Dell Streak Arriving This Summer


Dell CEO Michael Dell announced today at the Cytrix Synergy conference that the company’s upcoming MID, the Streak, will be arriving in Europe in June via cellular provider O2, and later this summer in America from AT&T. The Streak is a 5-inch touchscreen device with voice call functionality via UMTS/HPSA...

Dell Flash

Dell Flash Smartphone Is Constructed Of Glass


With all these Dell leaks, only this one can run at the speed of sound. The Dell Flash is certainly the fanciest of the leaked handsets, being constructed out of an 11mm thick slice of “curved glass” and runs on a custom Android “Froyo” OS. It features a 3.5-inch WVGA...

Dell Aero Details

Dell Aero Smartphone Deets Emerge

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Coming up next with the Dell leaks is the Aero, which appears to be the “low-cost” model in the line due to its lesser specs. They include a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen, 624MHz Marvell CPU, Microsoft ActiveSync and Exchange support, social network integration, and Flash Lite support. It’s going to be...

Dell Thunder

Gadget Leak: The Storm Is Upon Us, Dell Thunder Leaks Out


With Lightning comes Thunder…but Thunder’s running on Android. Dell’s Thunder is the company’s Android 2.1 phone, featuring a similar  4.1-inch WVGA OLED display to the company’s Lightning handset. Besides’s running Google’s OS, this thing has a bigger social network slant than the company’s other leaked offerings, with full Facebook and...

Dell Lighting

Gadget Leak: Dell Lightning Smartphone


Someone better fix the pipes in Techland, because these leaks are getting ridiculous. Here, folks, is the Dell Lightning, a Windows 7 phone that looks to take the best parts of the Zune HD interface and put it in a sleek portrait slider phone. A spec sheet lists the device...