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GOG Summer Sale

GOG Summer Sale w/ free Torchlight game, $280 Laptop


Steams Summer Sale hasn’t been announced yet, but if you’re itchin’ for some PC gaming, check out GOG’s DRM-free Summer Sale. Over 500 PC downloads discounted by 50%, plus new daily deals refreshed every 24 hours on their homepage. To kick off their Summer Sale, they’re giving away the download...

Dell Inspiron Duo

Dell Inspiron Duo Review


[Rating: 1.5] When I undertook a month period without a laptop – only using an iPad – the most difficult readjustment when I returned to my laptop was to stop touching the screen. On the iPad, it’s very convenient to just flick the screen or click on links instead of using a mouse. The...

Dell Alloy Edition Inspiron 15R

Dell Alloy Edition 15R Inspiron


Dell has a special addition to its Inspiron 15R line of laptops. Introduced this summer, Dell’s line-up was missing precisely a 15.6-inch Alloy Edition with silver colored aluminum with laser etched patterns on the lid and a matching palmrest. As far as specs, your options are similar to the rest...