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Arccos Uses Your iPhone To Overhaul Your Golf Game


Golf is a game of constant analysis, study, and collecting data. Golfers are constantly analyzing their swing, making minute adjustments, switching clubs, and generally trying to do a little better with every shot. Anything that aids that process can give you the edge, and that’s the ultimate goal for Arccos,...

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LaMetric Tells You What You Really Want To Know


One of the biggest pushes in tech is collecting data. How far you’ve walked, how fast your heart beats, how you spend your money, how you sleep, how you eat; there are tools and data collectors for all of this information. But how do you focus on what’s important? Using...


ShotTracker Follows Your Performance On The Basketball Court


Wearable tech is nothing new for athletes. Tennis players have sensor-laden racquets, hockey players have units for their sticks, and now basketball players have a sensor set of their very own. You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take ShotTracker combines two sets of sensors and an app, for...