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Top 32 Star Wars Toy Gift Guide

32 of the Best Star Wars Gifts That Even the Imperial Army Would Approve Of (list)


The holidays are right around the corner and you know what that means… it’s time to start shopping for gifts! This holiday season give that special Star Wars collector in your life something that will make them squeal with glee with one of the Star Wars-themed gifts off our list....

Star Wars Coasters

Star Wars Unleashed Drink Coasters are the Battle Your Coffee Table has Been Waiting for


If you grew up in the 80s, then there is inevitably a bit of Star Wars geek in you. Why?  Back then, and even now for that matter, every where you looked it was Stars Wars this and Star Wars that.  Products ranged from alarm clocks, to figurines, to toy...

Star Wars VW AD

11 of the Best Star Wars Themed Commercials (list/video)


If you don’t watch the Super Bowl for the game, then you’re probably watching it for the commercials, which are some of the year’s best! Last year, Volkswagen came out with a funny commercial involving a young Darth Fader trying to use the Force against their latest Passat model and came...

star wars gifts

25 Top Geekiest Star Wars Gifts (list)


Christmas is only days away, so if you have any last minute gifts to grab, you better do it ASAP! For those that have Star Wars fans on their gift list, we’ve compiled some of the geekiest gifts for those that can’t get enough the sci-fi saga. From small stocking...

Vader Log Book

Darth Vader Log Book (video)


Generally speaking, the last thing we have any interest in promoting are books.  Unless of course it’s a book focused on geekery.  And nothing probably says nerd, as in Star Wars nerd, as this Darth Vader 3D Reconstruction Log. [GR]YECZ1cBPcgQ[/GR] No, it’s not an account of Vader’s day to day...

Star Wars Ornaments

16 Top Star Wars Christmas Ornaments (list)


The holidays are officially here! Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and Christmas will be here in no time given how times seems to always fly faster at the end of the year. This means it’s time to start your Christmas decorating, starting with your tree! While many might have specific themes...

star wars gifts for the holidays

25 Top Star Wars Gifts for the Holidays (list)


The holidays are around the corner and it’s time to start thinking gifts. For those who love the Force and have a huge collection of Star Wars-related things, here are some cool Star Wars gifts that are suitable for any collector and, of course, any little ones that can’t get...


9 Pieces of Star Wars Tech Now a Reality (list)


Star Wars was ahead of its time and, obviously, Mr. George Lucas is the ish! He imagined an awe inspiring sci-fi world that has become embedded in our memories forever. We all ooohed and aaaahed at all the high-tech gadgets throughout all of the films, wishing we could all play...

Star Wars Costumes 2011

23 Top Star Wars Costumes (list)


Halloween is next week, and we’ve compiled a bunch of Star Wars costumes to inspire all you die-hard fans or those just looking to be something different this year. We’ve found some child ones, a couple of pet costumes and loads of funny, sexy and downright original Star Wars ensembles....

Darth Vader Lego Spaceship

LEGO Darth Vader Super Star Destroyer Executor Hovering to a Toy Store Near you September 1st


Star Wars never ceases to amaze us.  The first movie arrived in 1978 and to this day continues to be a hot items amongst today’s generation of video game playing, always connected youths.  Adding to the luster and zeal of the brand will be the rlease of the LEGO Super...

Force Unleashed II Demo

Star Wars Force Unleashed II Demo Now Available

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Just as we reported, the demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is now available for download.  If the demo page is to be believed you’ll battle against Darth Vader, which if I remember correctly mimics the demo for the first game, no? Read...