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Batman Dirty

College Humor Must See: A Very Dirty But Hilariously Funny Batman (video/NSFW)


The holidays are upon us, and Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” is well behind us.  Or is it? College Humor saw fit to rehash the ending (spoiler alert) of the film by replacing the utterly serious Batman, with a perverted sex crazed comedian that even Quagmire would be proud of....

Batman Diesel Watch

The Batman Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition Watch Strikes Fear Into Small Wrists Every Where


Check out this rad Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” watch from Diesel.  No doubt it was announced when the film debuted many months ago, but no matter as it is probably the first piece of movie inspired swag that we’d actually wear and not find ourselves blushing with embarrassment. The...

Batman Trilogy Blu-ray Set

Batman “The Dark Knight” Trilogy Blu-ray Box Set Coming December 4th


December 4th can’t come soon enough.  That’s when the Batman Trilogy from director/writer Christopher Nolan will release.  The 5-disc Blu-ray set is available for pre-order now for $37, while the 3-disc DVD set costs $27.  The price seems a bit too good to be true, especially seeing as Batman fanboys...

Batman Dark Knight Cufflinks-1

Matte Black Batman Dark Knight Mask Cufflinks


We’d never try and dissuade your from buying anything Star Wars related, but looking back, those $125 Star Wars cuff links just aren’t worth their price.  Why?  Because, you should spend your hard earned money on the Satin Black Batman Mask Cufflinks. They too cost $125 for a pair, but unlike...

Dark Knight Cable

Bane vs the Cable Guys is a Must See Monday Funny (video)


“ The Dark Knight Rises” Bane character might be one of the easiest to impersonate thanks to his mask and pitchy voice.  Give it a shot.  Just cover your mouth and speak as if you’re willing to destroy an entire city with a nuclear bomb.  However, you’ll have a hard...

Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

The Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit is No Joke

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UD Replicas is no stranger to top shelf motorcycle suits.  They’re also no stranger to creating some of the fineset motorcycle suits that are designed to mimic movie or comic book characters.  The Tron and Star Wars Strom Trooper suits have to be some of our favorites, but their most...

Batman Collage

17 of the Most Kickass Batman Toys Fit for Any Adult (list)

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It’s gonna be a HUGE weekend for movie goers who are going to check out The Dark Knight Rises, which is the last installment in the Chris Nolan Batman Trilogy. Everybody knows it’s going to be a huge success, with record-breaking box office numbers. If you haven’t seen the trailers,...


The Dark Knight Rises Chuck Taylor


Style is very subjective.  However, one thing is for sure, no matter who you are, and that is that the Chris Nolan Batman movies are easily the best of any director, though Tim Burton’s still has a place in our heart.  And yes, the final Batman, “The Dark Knight Rises”,...


Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” Trailer 4 Released (video)

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[GR]ASQqjK47c04[/GR] Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer number four has arrived.  In all likelihood this will be the final trailer as the movie releases on July 20th, which is just a month away. It’s pretty evident that Bane will at some point kick Batman’s ass and reveal his true identity....

Bane and Batman Flash Drives

Dark Knight Rises and BANE Flash Drives Arrive (video)


USB flash drives are generally square, boring, plastic pieces of kit.  Those with fingerprint readers add a ton more security, while others slide out from a sheath increasing the drive’s durability.  However, we’d rather use MIMOBOT’s drives, which to this day have come in a variety of flavors, though we’ve seen...

Batman Nokia Lumia 900

Batman Nokia Lumia 900 Launching June 1st


Needless to say we can hardly contain our excitement for the next Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises”.  If you haven’t watched the trailers to date, stop reading this and watch them here and here.  The movie will be a massive success and drive the production of an uncanny amount...