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Daft Punk Costume

Pretend Your You’re Daft Punk With This Complete Costume


Daft Punk’s fame is bigger than ever right now, especially since they released their hot single “Get Lucky” from their latest album “Random Access Memories.” Now you can dress like dance music’s biggest duo with your own Daft Punk Thomas Helmet Costume that’s being sold on Etsy. After getting great...

LEGO Daft Punk

Daft Punk Made From LEGOs

The electro duo Daft Punk have been making headlines with the release of their highly anticipated single “Get Luck” from their next album “Random Access Memories,” and  now New York-based Jake Meier (aka autorazr) has created some cool minifigs of the French electronic music duo. The custom-built LEGO minifies also...

daft punk helmet

Guy Makes Custom Daft Punk Helmet In 17 Months (video)


Daft Punk are certainly a geek-approved music act. They’re in the Star Wars Cantina in commercials, and also in the upcoming Tron: Legacy. So it makes sense that some guy took 17 months to make his own version of their helmets, and documented the whole process in a video. It’s...